On March 7th, 2024 we had a 12hr trip with some return customers from Texas. These boys were so much fun and love to fish! We started by jigging some live cigar minnows and spanish sardines. After the hard blow on Wednesday, I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical on what I thought the ocean conditions were gonna be today. My game plan leading I to the day was to catch bait nearshore and give the seas time to lay down, and then move further out, to work on variety, if the ocean would let us. As we breached the jetties, I was taken aback by how nice it was. We caught bait and headed straight out. Fishing wasn’t easy today, so we kept moving and kept “picking”. At one point, my live baits were getting shredded as I was dropping and retrieving them, so I had a hunch it was kingfish because of the behavior and teeth tracks. I used a combination of a metal jig and a live bait rig, which led to 8 early season king mackerel in the box, along with a few released shorts. The bottom fishing was steady but not hot throughout the day. We ended up with 2 legal red grouper and a graysby, all released, numerous red snapper, a limit of vermilion for 6ppl, a couple almaco jacks, short amberjack, a nice lane snapper, a mutton, and 20 triggerfish. This is a return crew from Texas. It’s always a pleasure! Our fishing was from 125-169 feet using a variety of bait, including squid, cut bait, live cigar minnows, and spanish sardines.