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Team Buck Rogers Jacksonville Offshore Fishing Charters

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Mr. Rob with one of three Blackfin Tuna we caught on a recent 8hr charter. So awesome to see. If you like line screaming action, now’s the time to book a trip. We have plenty of other options too, but the king mackerel are now another species we can put in the cooler. Here’s Clint and Braden with a coupe nice kings! Get those grills and smokers ready!! FULL REPORT HERE!!
Thank you!! 😁😁

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Jacksonville Offshore Fishing Report

Fishing Charter Jacksonville, FL Sunday May 8, 2022

I'll be honest, I was concerned with the weather today. Looking at the forecasts and wind maps, it felt fishable, and with the upcoming forecast, I knew today was our only shot this week for getting out, so we went. After catching pogies, we headed offshore and the wind was blowing from the north harder than expected, and it was already white capping and building it seemed. Thankfully the Reaper (35ft Cape Horn) chewed it up and off we went. Once we got to our location, the seas began to lay...

Deep Sea Fishing in Jacksonville FL for King Mackerel

If you like fishing offshore for King Mackerel, now's the time to book a trip. We headed offshore on Sunday, the first day of grouper season with bottom fishing on our minds! We loaded up on live pogies with a cast net and headed offshore. We anchored down , started dropping baits, and the fish responded immediately. We had several nice red snapper that we released, a few sandbar sharks, a nice gag grouper, and 3 cobia. While bottom fishing, we put some live baits out behind the boat on a flat...

Offshore Fishing Charter Jacksonville, FL Monday April 4, 2022

We headed offshore with visions of blackfin tuna in our heads. We trolled for several hours with one nice bite, and several short strikes before we decided to bottom fish for a while. On the troll, there didn't seem to be much life around where we were, hardly any bait flushing, and only saw a bird or two, one which should not have been out there; a whippoorwill. You only see them at night in the woods, not offshore in the daylight! Anyway the bottom was pretty good with a few triggers,...

March 29th, 2022 – Fishing Charter Jacksonville FL

We put together a split trip for Tuesday March 29th, because the forecast looked great. Leading up to the night before the trip the wind forecast was trying to bluff me, showing moderate Northeast winds, but there was a wall that stopped the winds just north of Jacksonville's longitude, giving me hope. Anticipating we'd only experience a NE swell, everyone agreed we'd give it a shot. If it turned to the worse, at least we were in the Blood Line so we could handle it. The weather turned out...

Capt.Chad Starling and the TBR boats!