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Team Buck Rogers Jacksonville Offshore Fishing Charters

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THE SHARKS HAVE SHOWN UP IN FORCE. IT’S TIME TO BOOK A SHARK CHARTER. AVAILABLE ON 4HR MORNING OR AFTERNOON TRIPS. Thank you!! Give us a call and lets get you on the boat! Follow our FaceBook Page and subscribe to our YouTube. Tight Lines! Jacksonville FL Deep Sea Fishing Charter 904-362-0609. Capt. Chad – Owner

Jacksonville Offshore Fishing Report

North Florida Shark Fishing is on fire!!

The shark fishing out of Jacksonville is heating up. It's a great time to book a 4hr trip for sharks!  

Chasing Convicts Offshore March 2021

On the shorter trips like the 4hr and 6hr, and even the 8hr, we've been changing things up a bit and chasing some fish people aren't custom to seeing us catch. We are always trying to switch things up to keep the fish on their toes. No fish is safe! We've been finding some sheepshead, spot tail pinfish, triggers, mangrove snapper, black sea bass, tons of red snapper (which we still have to release) and whatever else will bite. On the longer trips the vermilion snapper, triggerfish, red porgy,...

Black Sea Bass March 2021

On the shorter trips like the 4hr and 6hr, and even the 8hr, the target is Black Sea Bass through April. Once April begins to warm our waters, the ocean begins to come alive with different species like king mackerel, amberjack, cobia, barracuda, and April is also when we start expecting to see dolphin on the 12hr trips. We are already finding schools of live bait such as cigar minnows, spanish sardines, and have even seen some pogies on the beach. But for now, the 4hr and 6hr trips are...

Black Sea Bass – Winter Fishing – Jan 2021

This time of year, as winter flirts with us, these brutal cold fronts drop our ocean temps. With the lower water temps, this begins the southerly migration of the Black Sea Bass. They have recently started to arrive to our waters and should improve between now and March when spring will bring the water temps back up, which will push these fish back to the North. They are one of the best eating fish we catch here during any time of the year so they are a great delicacy! Get em while they are...

Capt.Chad Starling and the TBR boats!