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What to bring for your journey!

Please remember that our vessels have limited storage space. Packing as light as possible is greatly appreciated!

I am so glad that you are jumping on the boat with me! Please remember that in everything we do SAFETY is our number ONE concern! Mother Nature can throw curve balls at us, and we do our best to adapt. Please understand we will NEVER intentionally put you in rough/dangerous water. Also, please be understanding if we cancel an offshore trip, and keep in mind that what the ocean is doing at the beach is not always what its doing offshore! TRUST ME!!! The last thing I want to do is re-arrange or cancel trips. I want to RUN!!!!



I provide quality equipment that will serve all the needs of the day. On any given day, I will have 16-18 different rods and reels on board so space is very limited. If you would like to bring your own gear, please communicate with me what you’d like to bring so space can be discussed.


You may bring a cooler on board (up to 120 QT). Or if requested prior to the trip, I can provide a cooler for you.

I have water on the boat, but feel free to bring more.

Feel free to bring canned beverages (including beer).

NO GLASS!!!!! Please bring nothing glass onto the boat!


Please bring Sun Block. We recommend 30 or 50 SPF waterproof sunblock (Bull Frog is great if you can find it).

A long sleeve cool knit shirt is one of the best things to wear year round! Columbia has an amazing line that hold up in all conditions. This will keep you cool and protect your body from the sun. Look for the shirts that have the SPF built in.

A hat is a very good thing! The bigger the brim the better.

POLARIZED sunglasses. It could be the difference between seeing a fish and not seeing it. Many customers have spent very frustrating days on the water with cheap or no sunglasses. You can get some affordable polarized glasses even at the gas station! Here is a quick way to test when you are buying to make sure they are truly polarized.


No black sole shoes and not boots of any kind please