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Welcome to your home for Shark Fishing in Jacksonville, FL

Tangling with Toothy Critters can be one of the most exciting things you do while on board! North Florida is home to many species of sharks including Blacktips, Spinners, Atlantic Sharpnose, Lemon, Tiger, Hammerhead, and occasionally the Mako and Great White make a showing.

In the summer, its not uncommon to see hundreds of Sharks feeding on baitfish or bycatch from the Shrimp Boats in our area! Using stand up gear with lots of drag, you are sure to get a good workout doing battle with one of these beasts.

There are some species that can be kept, and are delicious on the grill, and some species that are protected by state law. We follow the law on our vessels, and if we can harvest one to be eaten we will.