It was nice to see a beautiful ocean on Thursday for a change! We started out trolling for wahoo. We had 3 confirmed strikes and a questionable 4th. We couldn’t seal the deal on any of them unfortunately. We bottom fished for a while and stayed pretty busy. We ended with a nice basket of Blackfin Snapper, a Silk Snapper, some beeliners, and all the Jacks you could have wanted. The #Rhodan trolling motor was MONEY! Never had to touch the anchor all day. Now to get them on the other boats. One step at a time! Capt. Zach hooked up fish after fish on the JYG Profishing Jigs. He actually hooked two amberjacks simultaneously on the same lure and one fish literally snatched the lips off the other jack! Crazy!! Also, the electric reel I bought #banax Kaigen 1000 was a game changer for the deep water stringer fishing. If you haven’t been going deep due to shoulder or arm issues, now there’s no excuse. TBR has you covered! Push a button and reel em in! Come go with us! We have three 27ft boats, and now a 35ft Center console named Blood Line! Online booking here or feel free to call the office. If we are on the water, we will call you as soon as we can 904-362-0609