Boats available this weekend!!! As the temps begin to cool, so do our water temps. The cooler water temps begins to send the pelagics like kingfish, sharks, amberjack, barracuda, sailfish, etc. further offshore and to the South for warmer waters. As these guys depart out nearshore waters, the bottom fishing really fires up. This time of year we are focusing on what we call grocery-getter trips, such as vermilion snapper, black sea bass, trigger fish, and red porgy. The best trip for this is either a 10hr or 12hr day. This also gives you the best possibility to catch a nice grouper. On these trips we regularly see gag grouper, scamp, and an occasional red grouper. There’s only about 6 weeks left of grouper season (ends Dec 31). Taking this into consideration, this time of year is tough to get a nice day offshore due to the changing season; so you need to go when the weather is nice. This weekend seems to be that time. Get on the books and put us to work cleaning your dinner! Capt. Chad 904-502-7408