The red snapper definitely cooperated this past weekend, just as we expected. We limited out every trip except for 1 because not all fish hooked, get landed ๐Ÿ™‚ They are very strong! We had several fish pushing 20lbs and lost some larger ones. This coming weekend Fri (17), Sat (18), and Sun (19) are the last days we will be able to fish for red snapper for 2018, and possibly 2019 due to poor government related management practices. As of right now August 14th, 2018, we are fully booked for the last weekend but have opening available for the rest of the month. Fishing has been pretty good for kingfish, some cobia, barracuda, sharks, bonito, vermilion snapper, triggerfish, mangrove snapper, etc…ย  Check out some group pics from this first weekend!