We headed offshore with visions of blackfin tuna in our heads. We trolled for several hours with one nice bite, and several short strikes before we decided to bottom fish for a while. On the troll, there didn’t seem to be much life around where we were, hardly any bait flushing, and only saw a bird or two, one which should not have been out there; a whippoorwill. You only see them at night in the woods, not offshore in the daylight! Anyway the bottom was pretty good with a few triggers, beeliners, a gigantic mutton snapper, and even a giganticker (I know it’s not a word) amberjack, pushing 100lbs. Caught it on a 1/0 VMC triple barb hook. It was 54 inches to the fork. What was funny is we trolled for hours for tuna, and ended up catching 2 while bottom fishing LOL. Came inshore and trolled some more and landed right on a crazy king mackerel bite! Great end to a great day! Check out the YouTube Video