As we are changing seasons, even though Northeast Florida really doesn’t have true seasons, this time of year is both productive and entertaining, but maybe not on all trips we offer. On the 4hr and 6hr trips, there are plenty of opportunities to catch plenty of fish and have a lot of fun, but it is mainly red snapper which have to be released. There are a few fish to keep like ringtail porgies, a few se bass, beeliners and an occasional triggerfish. Once we get some cooler weather the water temps fall a few degrees, the black sea bass will begin to show up, and when they do, the shorter trips will become more productive. On the 10hr and 12hr trips, the bottom fishing is much better for beeliners, triggerfish, some jacks,  and some other snapper you could keep like mangrove and mutton. We are just now in the beginning of the wahoo season which will last through March if you like trolling. Regardless of which charter you choose, we will do our best to show you a good time that will bring you back! BOOK NOW!