The morning started out breezy, and with the long run plan we had, I had reservations considering the conditions given just the day before with rough seas and high winds. As we started offshore, the ocean remained pretty calm with a big swell of about 4 feet from the Southeast; luckily the swell was spread out pretty wide so we were able to make about 25kts on the way out. The crew wanted to bottom fish over trolling so our first stop was 46 miles out. We stayed within 5 miles of that first stop for the day and the fish bit well. We ended with a 6 man limit of beeliners, 23 triggerfish up to 9lbs, amberjack, almaco jack, red porgy, 1 dolphin, and threw back numerous red snapper up to 19lbs. The crew stayed busy all day and had a wheel barrel full of fish to take home! The ocean stayed pretty nice for the ride back to the dock, and the knives were put to work on the cleaning table to end the day!