We put together a split trip for Tuesday March 29th, because the forecast looked great. Leading up to the night before the trip the wind forecast was trying to bluff me, showing moderate Northeast winds, but there was a wall that stopped the winds just north of Jacksonville’s longitude, giving me hope. Anticipating we’d only experience a NE swell, everyone agreed we’d give it a shot. If it turned to the worse, at least we were in the Blood Line so we could handle it.

The weather turned out absolutely great and the fishing matched the weather. We had a great variety from vermilion snapper, mutton snapper, triggerfish, and white bone porgy. Here’s the kicker: Cuz, who is from New Jersey, has never been offshore in Florida. So he hooks up to what we initially think is a shark. As he’s fighting it, our opinions change 3 or 4 times on what we think it is. Is it a shark? Could it be a monster snapper? How about an amberjack? A grouper? Whatever it is, it’s fighting hard, and Cuz is making all kinds of sounds LOL. As Cuz gets it to the surface, we quickly realize it’s a 40-45lb Gag Grouper.

So Cuz’s first ever Florida Offshore fish turns out to be a grouper of a lifetime. Go ahead and change states Cuz. You may never break that PB in Florida! Great job boys!! #bloodline #teambuckrogers #silverstagknivesofficial #billcollector #dropplan #saltsavage #yamahaoutboards #chevytrucks #jacksonville