This past week we’ve had pretty good weather so we’ve been able to get out quite regularly. The target species this week has been King Mackerel; because it’s what available; not to mention the excitement that goes along with catching them. These fish are super fast and love to take long speedy runs, ripping line from your reel in seconds! The bottom fishing has really slowed down due to a thermocline which has brought a lot of cold water from offshore towards the beach. Since the cold water travels along the lower third of the water column, it mainly effects the bottom fish due to temperature shock, but it doesn’t really have an effect on the pelagics like kings, cobia, bonito, barracuda, sharks, etc.. because they are open water fish (pelagic) and do not primarily reside on the bottom. Since we tailor out fishing charters towards action, we try our best to target fish that are biting. I had someone just this week inquire on booking a “Grouper” charter. I told him I would not attempt to offer him that trip because the grouper fishing is terrible. We’ve not had a decent grouper fishery here in the past 5 years. I told him I could take his money and talk a big game about catching grouper; but that’s not how I do business. I told the truth and he didn’t book. I cost myself money, but I’d rather do that, than offer something I know I can’t deliver. It’s just how I do business. Some group photos attached from this week! Happy 4th!!