Fall usually brings our best Grouper and Black Sea Bass, but unfortunately we haven’t had Fall yet. It’s now the 2nd week of October and our ocean temps are still in the 80s. We’ve had storm after storm, along with non-associated East and Northeast winds so the ocean has been off limits for the most part. We haven’t had the opportunity to go offshore but just a few days over the past 45 days, so truthfully the fishing offshore right now is a mystery. It looks like we may see mother nature trying to bring in some cooler weather this week, but it’s just gonna bring more wind that will keep us off the ocean. At least the Bull reds are chewing. They have really saved us this year so far! And the flounder fishing has been pretty good. As the weather cools, the temps will begin to bring our water temps down, and that will fire up the bottom fishing. Red Snapper are an offshore staple so they are here all year long, but the cooler water will fire up the Black Sea Bass, Sheepshead, and we stand our best chance to catch a Grouper between now and the end of the year. Grouper season is currently open, but it will close Jan1-May31. The best bottom fishing, by far, are the 10hr and 12hr trips. On these trips, we stand the best shot at grouper, along with vermilion snapper, triggerfish, red porgy, jacks, among other species. There’s always something to fish for in Florida. We just need you in the boat to show you a great time!