I’ll be honest, I was concerned with the weather today. Looking at the forecasts and wind maps, it felt fishable, and with the upcoming forecast, I knew today was our only shot this week for getting out, so we went. After catching pogies, we headed offshore and the wind was blowing from the north harder than expected, and it was already white capping and building it seemed. Thankfully the Reaper (35ft Cape Horn) chewed it up and off we went. Once we got to our location, the seas began to lay down, and it actually got nicer as the day went. We started trolling and ended up with a few kings; all on the down rigger… We then started bottom fishing and flat lining some pogies. We ended up with a 6 man limit of beeliners, a few triggers, ringtail porgies, 4 barracuda (to be used on an upcoming shark charter), and the Crème Brule; we had three; yes, this is not a typo; 3 Blackfin Tuna in the mid 25-30lb range. Amazing. What a great day. We left the fish biting just in time to beat the Northeast winds back to the dock!