The forecast today was wind from the North, and THEY WERE RIGHT!!! It was blowing pretty good from the North, with seas around 3-4ft with an occasional 5ft for most of the morning. We had a tough crew from Michigan and Callahan. These folks are used to fishin in and on ice, so what’s a little wind to them? We had Shellina, Jeremy, and THE FATT MATT himself from on board. What a great crew. We had the best time catching fish after fish on a 6hr trip. We stayed within 20 miles of shore and whacked the black sea bass and vermilion snapper. The wind backed off in time for the ride back to the dock so it was a much nicer, and dry ride in. Maybe next time Matt will bring some of them bones with him!! #teambuckrogers #jygprofishing #yamaha #pennreels #uglystik #pursuit #fattmattbbq