On February 1st, 2023 we offered a “Split Trip” for an 8hr Offshore Fishing Charter. A “Split Trip” is where we open the boat to individuals who want to go fishing with us, but can’t gather enough people to make a crew to pay for the whole boat. In this instance, we open individual spots, where you come fishing with us, and only have to pay for yourself. The prices range from $260-$420 per person, depending on what trip we offer on that particular day. We offer them occasionally, when we have a beautiful weather day that coincides with us having a boat available. We send invites out to our distribution list via email, and also post them to our Facebook page.

On this date, we were targeting Black Sea Bass (BSB). We only get good numbers of BSB from December through March. They are cold water fish who live up North. However, in Winter, as the temps drop, they migrate into our zip code and make for some very entertaining fishing, and even better table fare. Arguably, BSB are the best tasting fish we have here. They have a very white flaky meat and you will be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like them.

The boys did awesome on this date, landing an impressive 6 man limit of 42 BSB, some vermilion snapper, Atlantic bonito, ringtail porgy, triggerfish, etc… Come with us one day and let us show you a fun day on the water! Capt. Chad – Owner