On the last day of the year, we headed offshore in search of Black Sea Bass. Each Winter, we look forward to a southward migration of these tasty fish, and we run shorter trips such as our 4hr and 6hr trip to specifically target them. They are arguably the best tasting fish we have in Northeast Florida, and among any local fisherman’s top 5 for table fare. They are very aggressive and the “keepers” are pretty good fighters. Additionally, they are absolutely beautiful to look at. They would make an incredible mount! These fish have to be 13 inches long to keep, and it takes a decent size fish to make 13 inches. The bag limit on these delicious fish is 7 fish per person. The boys limited out on the Black Sea Bass, and with an hour left on our trip, the also limited out on Vermilion Snapper. Vermilion Snapper are not the American Genuine Red Snapper, which are closed. We can keep Vermilion Snapper. The length minimum is 12 inches, and the bag limit is 5 fish per person. They too, are incredible to eat. Have you ever seen a snapper that wasn’t good to eat? On this trip, we had the infamous Steven Collins, E.L, Clay and Chase. These guys were awesome, they love to fish, and were a pleasure to spend the day with. I look forward to our next trip! The group pic is on the home page! Thanks for reading. Come fishing with us! 904-362-0609