We threaded the needle on the forecast Saturday and headed deep. We trolled out to 650 feet, but that only yielded a barracuda assault and one skipjack so it didn’t take me long to break out the sinkers. Near the ledge, the current was ripping at 5 knots so bottom fishing was a challenge. Moved inshore a few miles to get away from some of the current. It was better but still pretty stout. The fish weren’t marking very good so we were just picking fish but they were adding up. Once the current started to back off, I went back offshore to deeper water praying the current had backed off. It was better so we drifted a few times and picked up several more nice triggers, couple beeliners, red porgies, a mutton snapper, a kingfish, and a few jacks. Great bunch of men onboard and a nice box of fish at the end of the day! Happy Easter!