Although we offer offshore trips from 4hrs all the way up to 12hrs, the longer trips are always more productive on “keepers”. We finally had the weather to get offshore on Thursday 10-17-23. It started out kinda weird with weather. As we were catching Bait, the wind was blowing from the North at about 15 knots. The seas were kicked up to 3-4ft , close together, and white caps as far as you could see. It’s not comforting, considering you still have 50 more miles to go offshore to fish. I changed my mind several times over the course of the next 20 miles, contemplating changing down to an 8hr, then a 6hr, etc. As we kept getting further offshore, the ocean kept getting nicer. As I approached the area I was going to fish on my “now 8hr charter”, it seemed even nicer. At that time, I committed to send it, and boy am I glad we did. Once we reached the 50-mile mark, the ocean changed to a lake and stayed that way all day. It was certainly very welcoming considering the weather this October has given us this year. The fish were chewing, and the crew was amazing. Great group of men from Orlando.