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Now that red snapper season is behind us, let’s get to work on other fish like king mackerel, vermilion snapper, triggerfish, black sea bass, cobia, etc… We offer trips from 4-12 hours for up to 6ppl! 904-502-7408

Jacksonville Offshore Fishing Report

Snapper Season is Behind us!

I didn't think I would be happy that Red Snapper Season was over, but I'm ecstatic it's gone. I've never seen so many inconsiderate people in my life. I don't know who coined the phrase, but I use it all the time; "common sense just ain't that common anymore"; and it really showed over the past 2 weekends how rude people can be. I'll just leave it there! Now that snapper season is gone we are getting back to work on the fish we can keep; On Friday we had our first little nor'easter come...

Red Snapper Season 2018 – First Weekend

The red snapper definitely cooperated this past weekend, just as we expected. We limited out every trip except for 1 because not all fish hooked, get landed 🙂 They are very strong! We had several fish pushing 20lbs and lost some larger ones. This coming weekend Fri (17), Sat (18), and Sun (19) are the last days we will be able to fish for red snapper for 2018, and possibly 2019 due to poor government related management practices. As of right now August 14th, 2018, we are fully booked for the...

Red Snapper Season 2018 – What a Joke!

For the record, I think a 6 day season is an absolute slap in our faces given the current numbers of red snapper off our coast. Last year they approved 9 days, with a 3 day extension because of bad weather. Out of 12 possible days, the weather only allowed literally about 3 days total of fishing. They pay us back this year by giving us 6 days? The Gulf gets 40 days, and we get 6. What a joke!!! NOAA is an embarrassment. The government should be embarrassed by how they have managed this...

Jacksonville Offshore Fishing Report – Week 27

This past week we've had pretty good weather so we've been able to get out quite regularly. The target species this week has been King Mackerel; because it's what available; not to mention the excitement that goes along with catching them. These fish are super fast and love to take long speedy runs, ripping line from your reel in seconds! The bottom fishing has really slowed down due to a thermocline which has brought a lot of cold water from offshore towards the beach. Since the cold water...