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 Saturday, July 11, 2009 - Travis Clements and crew Back
Seas: 3-4    Water Temp: 77°F Crew: Travis Clements and crew 
Moon:     Location: Vilano   
Species:   Category:    

I arrived at the boat ramp this morning with all the other boats participating in the Ancient City Kingfish Challenge. I made it in the water and since I was early, I went up into Salt Run to see if I could load up on pogies before the crew arrived. We had a short day planned so I thought it would be nice to spend that time fishing, rather than looking for bait. Well I didn't find any pogies in Salt Run so I returned to the ramp, loaded the crew, and headed north up the beach looking for pogies. You would think with a tournament going on, and all the boats checking out before we did, all we would have to do is run till we found all the boats. Well we tried that and when we made it all the way to the Jax Beach Pier and still hadn't found a pogey, I knew it wasn't looking good. I had some dead bait and some artificials so I drug them behind the boat for about 45 minutes before I knew I had to find some bait. I headed back south trying to work my way east to some wrecks to jig some bait. The problem was there was a stiff northeast wind which had built the seas up to a nasty 3-4 east swell and they were close together, so going out 10 miles was gonna eat up the whole day due to the actual travel speed against the swells. I continued south looking for bait. We ended up almost to the St. Augustine Pier and still nothing but some schools of glass minnows. I went back into Salt Run as a last resort but there wasn't any bait anywhere that I went. Not having the confidence I would like in the dead bait offering, I broke the news to the crew that today was just not gonna be the day. We traveled over 50 miles looking for bait without even a flip from a pogey and the seas were too unfavorable to go offshore any further to jig it. I did all I could do to make things happen today but it just wasn't gonna happen. We shut down early to salvage the day. In the interest of humor, attached is a picture of the guys holding up the fish they thought they should have caught! Sorry about the turnout guys; hopefully I'll get the chance to redeem myself!

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