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 Monday, May 11, 2009 - The Chet's Creek Church Boys Back
Seas: flat    Water Temp: 72-76°F Crew: Hank, Ken, Joe, and Billy 
Moon:     Location: PV, MG, JW   
Species:   Category:    
Report: We started off down the beach looking for pogies. When we found em' they were stacked up. I threw the net and could hardly lift it over the side of the boat. I dumped them out in the floor and scooped them up with a net. We headed south down the beach looking for a manta ray hoping he had some cobia with him. We were a little too early so the rays hadn't shown up yet. We headed off shore a few miles anchored up and that's where the chaos began. First Hank hooks up with a freight train. When he finally wrestles him to the surface, we find out it's a nurse shark in the 120-130lb range. We get our hook back and Joe does the same thing, except his nurse shark was about 150-175lb range. 20 minutes later Joe hooks another nurse shark that we never saw. We couldn't lift him away from the bottom with 60lb test line. We start picking up some small throwback snapper, couple throwback grouer, Hank gets a flounder, Billy gets a flounder, and then I hear someone yell "Cobia!". I look over the side of the boat and there are 2 cobia checking us out. One was about 40lbs and the other about 25-30lbs. Joe gets one to eat and it's "Katy bar the door" for about 15 seconds before the line snaps! Then about 10 minutes later, Billy get a cobia to eat and after a 1 minute fight, the hook pulls lolose (not my knot :)). Shortly after that, Hank lands an 8lb red snapper, Ken gets a 10lb gag grouper, and Billy busts a 12lb red snapper on a live pogey on a flat line! About that time I start to hear the chatter on the radio of how the rays have started showing up and the crazy number of cobia being caught. The boys decidd to continue the pursuit for red snapper so we headed on offshore. The rest of the day was pretty quiet with a few more small fish. These guys were great and they fished hard. Thank you for a great trip!! Hopefully we can all fish together again real soon!








Chad, Had a great time on the ocean; you worked hard to find the fish. Quality fish vs. quantity of fish is how our day turned out. See you in a couple of weeks. Hank  Posted by: Hank
5/13/2009 8:42:03 AM
(IP Address logged)
Thanks for a good time.   Posted by: 5/13/2009 2:23:18 PM
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