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 Saturday, May 15, 2010 - Mark, Markayla, and Dallen Back
Seas: 2-4    Water Temp: 74°F Crew: Mark, Markayla, and Dallen 
Moon:     Location: Jax Beach   
Species:   Category: Misc. Photos   
Report: Had a group of divers scheduled for today but the latest report was that the visibility was bad so we re-scheduled the trip. Since I had the day off and an able crew, I decided to wet the boat and head down the beach and look for some pogie pods and see what we could get going. Got down the beach, Mark loaded the livewell with 1 throw of the net and the search began. We bounced from pogie pod to pogie pod looking for some action. There were bluefish in all of them so we had some fun catching them. We were casting some live pogies around the bait pods and catching bluefish. Just as Mark made a cast into the bait pod, a cobia came up and swallowed the pogie and the fight ensued! It just so happened that the rod he hooked the fish on was an ultra light spinning rod with 12lb test line so we knew we were in for a marathon. An hour and 15 minutes later the fish comes up to the surface close enough for the gaff and we had a 45lb cobia in the fish box. What a great accomplishment for a "play day". We had a blast and me and Mark had a couple great mates! Good Job Dallen and Markayla!!!


45lb cobia. What a great looking crew! 

Markayla trying a new "behind the head" fighting technique.  

Now she's got the technique down! 

Getting ready for the cobia hunt! 

Dallen searching the tide rip! 

Dallen and Markayla counting the pogies 


Mark keeping the fish from pulling Markayla in :) 

Markayla battling a bluefish 

I love a great crew that doesn't mind getting fishy!!! 
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